Tandoori Roti

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Tandoori Roti 烤麥餅 is a flatbread made with whole wheat and traditionally cooked in Tandoor (cylindrical clay oven) hence the name Tandoori. Some people also add all maida or wheat flour to their Tandoori Rotis but we like to make it with whole wheat only.
The Roti is usually thicker than the regular Chapati and has crisp edges and soft center. It’s a popular bread that you would find on the menu of most Indian restaurants and it’s almost always served with some ghee or butter on top.
The idea of making Tandoori Roti at home might sound intimidating since most of us don’t have clay oven at home but it’s actually quite easy to make. We make this using a small iron wok or tawa and invert it over heat which mimics a Tandoor and thus gives the Roti it’s charred characteristic appearance and texture.
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